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POWKIDDY H12 PRO Handheld Game Console With Powerbank

POWKIDDY H12 PRO Handheld Game Console With Powerbank

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Introducing POWKIDDY H12 PRO Nostalgic Gaming Device: Your Ultimate Gaming Companion with 1000 special & best Classic selection Games built in!


- The game console comes with 1000 games from most demanded classic consoles! Built-in childhood games, including classic "Super Mario", "Soul Douluo", "Ninja Turtle" and many more.

- Color Options: Red, Moody Green.

- Casting Supported Bonus: Also a Power Bank
- Enjoy the bonus feature of screen casting, and use your gaming device as a power bank for your other devices.

- AI-Level Chip for Zero Lag, Zero Glitch
- Experience gaming at its finest with an AI-level chip that ensures zero lag and zero glitches. The anti-explosion core guarantees superior gaming performance.

- 1000 Game Titles
- Dive into an extensive library of 1000 game titles, including classics like Adventure Island, Samurai Pizza Cats, and Contra.

- 6000mAh Mega Capacity
- Power up your gaming marathon with a massive 6000mAh battery capacity. The NTC anti-explosion battery ensures safety and durability.

- Screen Casting and Two-Player Mode
- Share your gaming experience with friends through screen casting and engage in exciting two-player modes for interactive fun.

- All-in-One Entertainment
- With ten included game emulators, the POWKIDDY H12 PRO is your all-in-one entertainment solution. Save, favorite, and search for games on the bonus TF card.

- Part-Time Power Bank: 20-Hour Long Battery Life
- Not just a gaming device, but also a part-time power bank! Enjoy up to 20 hours of unstoppable fun while charging your phone on the go.

- NTC Anti-Explosion Core: Rugged and Carefree Play
- The NTC anti-explosion core ensures a rugged and carefree gaming experience, allowing you to play without worries.

- AI-Level Chip Upgrade: Zero Lag, Zero Glitch
- Elevate your gaming with an AI-level chip upgrade, providing zero lag and zero glitch performance for superior gaming pleasure.

Product Specifications:

- Product Name: POWKIDDY H12 PRO Nostalgic Gaming Device
- Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
- Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery
- Input and Output: DC 5V 2A
- Endurance: 20 Hours of Unstoppable Fun
- Rated Capacity: 3600mAh

Get ready for a gaming revolution with the POWKIDDY H12 PRO – Unleash the Nostalgia, Ignite the Fun!
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