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POWKIDDY SF2000 Mini Portable Handheld Game Console 2 Player Dual controllers 6000 Games

POWKIDDY SF2000 Mini Portable Handheld Game Console 2 Player Dual controllers 6000 Games

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Elevate Your Gaming Experience with POWKIDDY SF2000 - The Ultimate Handheld Game Console with built in 6000 special & best Classic selection Games.

Key Features:

- Built in: 6000 Most famous & best classic games from most demanded consoles like PS1, Arcade, GBA, SFC, NES, PCE, GB, GBC, GG, MD, SMS, WSC, NGP, and LYNX and more.

1. Extensive Game Library: The CLOUD SF2000 is a gaming powerhouse, supporting an array of classic game formats including ps1, DC, FC, GB, GBA, MD, SFC, and NES. With a built-in collection of 6000 retro games, it promises endless hours of nostalgic gaming fun.

2. Wireless Multiplayer Capability: Dive into the world of interactive gaming with the wireless 2.4GHz connection. The handheld console supports multi-players, allowing you to connect and compete with friends effortlessly.

3. Compact and Portable Design: Crafted from durable ABS plastic, the handheld game console boasts a sleek and ergonomic design. With a 3.0-inch screen, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and immersive gaming visuals.

4. Expandable Storage: Never run out of gaming options! The CLOUD SF2000 supports TF card expansion of up to 8GB, providing additional storage space for your favorite games. Carry your entire gaming library with you wherever you go.

5. Included Accessories for Seamless Gaming: The POWKIDDYSF2000 comes complete with essential accessories, including a Li-battery for uninterrupted gaming sessions, a TV cable for big-screen enjoyment, and a USB charger for convenient power replenishment.

6. User-Friendly 2.4G Wireless Controller: Enjoy the freedom of movement with the included 2.4G wireless controller. Supporting 1-2 players, it ensures a smooth and responsive gaming experience, bringing back the joy of cooperative or competitive gameplay.

Product Details:

- Model Number: CLOUD SF2000
- Type: Handheld Game Console
- Color: White
- Material: ABS Plastic
- Screen Size: 3.0 inch
- Built-In Games: 6000 Retro Games
- TF Card Expansion: Up To 8GB
- Connection: Wireless 2.4GHz

Package Contents:

- 1 x POWKIDDY SF2000 Handheld Game Console
- 1 x 2.4G Wireless Controller
- 1 x Li-battery
- 1 x TV Cable
- 1 x USB Charger

Unleash the Gaming Power with CLOUD SF2000 - Your Gateway to Retro Gaming Bliss!
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